About Us

Grow Your Business Today!

The friendly folks at Fairmount Financial have been working with small business owners since 2009. We consider our employees and our clients to be family. We all have a love for the entrepreneurial spirit and take great pride in watching small businesses grow.

Fairmount Financial is dedicated to changing the world of finance. We challenge traditional lending rules, think out of the box, and continue to open new doors for our clients. Using our new financing tools and innovative approach to evaluating a business’s over all health, we are able to provide working capital to a large variety of industries.

Fairmount Financial. Grow your business today!

How It Works


Fill out our short application to give us a brief history on your business. Be prepared to share the last 4 months of your business bank statements or 4 months of your merchant processing statements.


We will assign a loan specialist to review. Unlike traditional banks, our team will focus on the stability of your business rather than personal credit scores. Once approved, lets tailor the loan to be a perfect fit. You tell us exactly how much capital you need and the repayment method that works best.


Assign the business banking account you wish to be funded and the working capital will be deposited directly. Depending on your preference, either a small fixed payment or small percentage of sales will be automatically deducted from this account daily.

It is really that simple!